About Us

Everyone has the right to private and anonymous communication. With Tungsten, we set out to build an easy to use, secure messaging app that meets the needs of people requiring advanced privacy and anonymity.

Tungsten has all the features that you’d expect out of a messaging app. But it also stands out in a few key ways. For many users these features are not requirements. Since we  designed Tungsten to be used by people with advanced security needs, we built an advanced solution.

How Tungsten is different?

Business model A wise man once said, If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. We aren’t in the business of selling people’s data. We’re building Tungsten with a very clear and honest business model: users will pay to use Tungsten. Our goal is not to sell our users’ data, or even our company. We want to build a sustainable business with the mission of creating a secure platform for you to communicate.

Multiple personas This is the core concept of Tungsten. You can have multiple personas, depending on who you are chatting to. Easily switch between different personas, chatting with one person using your real name, and another using a pseudonym. These separate identities can be used in parallel and are securely isolated.

Username Tungsten does not require your phone number. Communicate with Tungsten without ever associating your phone number with your account.

Anonymity Use Tungsten anonymously, powered by the Tor network, to conceal your true identity and metadata. Using anonymous, Tor-based personas in Tungsten allows you to minimize the metadata and makes it very hard to trace this communication back to your real-world identity.

Secure vault (soon) A secure vault lets you store sensitive information, like passwords and account numbers, in the app. This allows you to decouple sensitive information from the person who sent it to you.

Tungsten sync Sync account data from your old phone to a new one by establishing a local, secure connection between the two devices. Transfer personas, restore message history and sync contacts – all without using the cloud.

Kill PIN (soon) Perhaps the most badass feature. Enter one pin to unlock your account, and another one to destroy your account. If you ever get into a panic situation or are forced to unlock Tungsten, the Kill PIN will trigger a silent wiping process of all data across all devices and servers.

Address book You can add contacts manually, so you do not have to give Tungsten access to your address book. Of course, you can always securely sync your address book, but this is not required. We never permanently store this data on our servers.

Tungsten Labs UG (the company behind Tungsten) is registered in Berlin, Germany under the following Ident number: 178694 B.

Need help or want to learn more about individual features and security? Go to our FAQ.